Our Initiatives

To best serve the Inland Empire, including San Bernardino and Riverside counties and the entire Coachella valley, the Inland Futures Foundation has a set of commissions that provide formal and community education to advance the economy and individual success measures of the region. These commissions are:

Empire | KVCR

is the cultural, educational, informational, and communication center of the Inland Empire especially San Bernardino and Riverside counties. The station promotes and cultivates discovery and engagement in the Arts, Media and the Sciences with educational, thought-provoking programs and objective journalism that offers our audience a trustworthy safe-haven from commercially driven media outlets.  Located in a powerfully diverse region that includes nearly 63% combined Hispanic, African-American and Native American populations, Empire I KVCR aims to reflect the variety of cultures, traditions and interests that makes the Inland Empire so unique and vibrant. Empire I KVCR actively develops and nourishes strong community relationships with our radio audience through local initiatives and events that celebrate the diversity, innovation and resilience of the Inland Empire.


is the first and only national broadcast television network in the U.S. exclusively devoted to Native American and World Indigenous content. Through Native-produced and themed documentaries, dramatic series, nature, cooking, gardening, children’s and arts programming, FNX strives to accurately illustrate the lives and cultures of Native people around the world.

Free College Promise

is the San Bernardino Community College District’s commitment to paying two years of full-time student tuition at Crafton Hill College and San Bernardino Valley College, which also allows individuals to be full-time students to earn an associate, or a career training certificate. Students can transfer to the University of California of California State University to obtain a bachelor’s degree. The Free College Promise will start in Fall 2019 and allows participating recent local high school graduates to get additional free resources including textbooks, cash for college expenses, and counseling services. We are excited to offer an opportunity for students in our community to jumpstart their educational goals and careers in order to positively contribute to the workforce and the community.

Community Initiatives

in conjunction with the workforce development division at the San Bernardino Community College District specialize in custom not-for credit training to incumbent workers and marginalized community members with barriers to employment, which helps keep our local businesses profitable, More specifically, the population that our workforce development serves includes full-time employed professionals who seek to increase their marketability and skills within their organization and unemployed ad marginalized members of the community, by providing short-term training and services leading to entry-level employment. Additionally, the workforce development division works diligently to assist adults with various barriers to employment who are seeking alternatives to better their lives through in-demand training and development. The training includes those skills associated with STEM/STEAM programing and is offered through the IE Accelerator’s makerspace and workforce training facility to both children and adults.