About the Inland Futures Foundation

The Inland Futures Foundation of the San Bernardino Community College District supports KVCR TV/FM, FNX, and EDCT.


The Inland Futures Foundation supports KVCR in its mission to broadcast programs that reflect the diversity of our Inland Southern California region by presenting a schedule of trusted PBS and NPR content on our air every day. KVCR FM 91.9 and KVCR TV channel 24 are available for free over the air or on cable, satellite, and digitally via the PBS Video App, KVCR Video app, KVCR.org, KVCRnews.org. KVCR delivers social impact, educating Pre-K and K-12 students and providing lifelong learning through arts, history, drama, and culture. Our First Nations Experience ("FNX") is the only Indigenous TV channel available nationally through 22 broadcast affiliates and reaches approximately 74.5 million households.

Inland Futures Foundation supports Economic Development & Corporate Training ("EDCT") for Inland Southern California. EDCT, Contract Education Department, collaborates with businesses, labor, public agencies, and community organizations to upskill adult workers with custom training and professional development programs to improve the lives of its local community. It is the rapid-response customized training arm for SBCCD. Through strategic partnerships, grants, and contracts EDCT provides innovative and high-demand customized career training and development for regional employers and structurally marginalized populations. EDCT offers economic prosperity, vitality, support, training, employment, and assistance through workforce and economic development.

Through Media and Training, Inland Futures Foundation supports an informed and educated future for Inland Southern California.


Owned and operated by the San Bernardino Community College District, KVCR provides opportunities for students of San Bernardino Valley College and Crafton Hills College.

The Institute of Media Arts (IMA) is affiliated with San Bernardino Valley College's Film, TV, Media (FTVM) program. Students have the opportunity to work side by side with KVCR, and create content that may go live on the air.

Students in journalism and multimedia classes have the opportunity to be on air on KVCR FM.

Diverse Programming

KVCR strives to maintain and support a staff and program service for our station that reflects the communities it serves in the Inland Empire of Southern California, particularly San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. As a reflection of the diverse population and listenership in our coverage area, KVCR is a media outlet that celebrates the power of diversity on-air, online and in the workplace. KVCR believes that diversity considerations include race, gender, disability, protected veterans, religious belief, age, nationality, sexual orientation, gender-identity, physicality, education and socio-economic status.



Board of Directors

Meetings and Information

Diana Rodriguez

Diana Rodriguez

Chancellor, SBCCD

Jose Torres

Jose Torres

Executive Vice Chancellor, SBCCD

Nohemy Ornelas

Nohemy Ornelas

Vice Chancellor, SBCCD

Deanna Krehbiel

Deanna Krehbiel

Executive Director, EDCT

Connie Leyva

Connie Leyva

Executive Director, KVCR

2024 Board meetings